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GEASURE Notice of Chinese New Year

Thank you for your support and trust in the past year. We also hope that in the coming year, Geasure medical care can continue to receive your attention and support.

China's traditional festival "Spring Festival" is coming, here to you old and new customers and friends to worship an early age!
I wish you a happy new year, a wide range of financial resources, prosperous business, great exhibition!

The following time is given as follows:
February 13, 2018 to February 23, 2018 a total of 10 days.
February 24, 2018 official work.
For the inconvenience caused by the holiday, please forgive! If you have business matters, please contact the relevant business staff and thank you again for your attention and support to Ji Shuo medical care.
Sincerely wish you a happy and auspicious Spring Festival!

Changzhou Geasure Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
February 10, 2018


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