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Our company will participate FIME 2018

    From July 17th to 19th, 2018, Our company will participate in the International Medical Equipment Exhibition (FIME 2018) held at the Orlando International Exhibition Center. All partners are welcome to visit the A.B34 booth.

    The International Medical Equipment Exhibition (FIME) is hosted by informa, which is a year old and has a history of 28 years. FIME's exhibition features regional and international features. In addition to exhibitors and professional visitors from Florida, the exhibitions have used Miami's unique location adjacent to the Caribbean Sea to attract a large number of exhibitors and professionals from South American countries. Audience, because many products are re-exported to the Caribbean countries through Miami. In the past two years, the exhibition has been transferred to Orlando, one of the world's best leisure travel cities, to attract more medical professionals, and this will definitely enable our company to find more .


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